When Women Wear Male Chastity Devices

Everyone guy has a story that they like to think about late at night and many involve screaming male chastity scenes. Something that happened to them once that still drives them crazy. Well, I have one of those stories that I would like to share with you right now. It may not be something that every guy is into, but it was one of the hottest encounters that I have ever had. First, you will have to understand that I had never heard of anything about chastity devices before my special night. Although after that night, I found myself looking at all the hot options that are available.

This special night of mine started when I decided to go out to a club that I had never been to before. Now, I’m not the kind of guy that goes out all the time and hooks up with people. But I decided to head out to this club and see if it was any good. Now, I had been there for about an hour before I noticed this really hot woman sitting all alone at the bar. If I had been wearing a cock cage device from koalaswim.com at that time I would have been in some serious pain.

She was so beautiful that I almost decided to just give up and go home. But then, I noticed that she was constantly looking at me quite a lot. So I decided that I would give it a shot and go up and talk to her. Now there are a lot of guys out there that are looking for something a bit different from the guy meets girl at club routine. The good news is that it gets a lot better if you keep reading because there is a big surprise coming and it includes male chastity which improves semen.

I was a bit surprised that she actually accepted my invitation to a conversation. In fact, it was the first time a woman that hot had ever let me sit down and talk to her at the bar, and I was a bit confused as to what to do after that. The conversation went well for a few minutes and I needed to use the facilities. So I excused myself and headed off to the mens room. I must say that I’m not used to people following me into the mens room, especially hot women that I was just talking to at the bar. Of course, this was before I knew anything about male chastity.

I had just gotten inside the mens room when the woman I was talking to pushed me into one of the stalls. I was quite amazed to find a hot woman like her pushing me into a stall in the mens room. Imagine how amazed I was when she reached down, grabbed my cock and stuck her tongue down my throat. The only thing I could actually do was let it happen, and grab her ass while it was happening. It wasn’t until she pulled me closer that I found out there was something a bit odd. I was about to learn about safe male chastity.

As she pulled me closer, I felt something pushing against my cock. I have been with quite a few women in my time and I had never felt something like this pushing against me. Then, she moved her mouth up to my ear and told me how much she enjoyed having anal sex. Of course, I was highly intrigued by this idea, and what guy wouldn’t be? She then turned around, put my hands on her tits and proceeded to pull up her skirt. I could tell that this was going to be a kinky meeting when I saw that she was wearing some very erotic G-string underwear. This was going to be my first lesson in chastity.

The good news is that they were fairly easy to pull to the side and I knew instantly that this was going to be the hottest moment in my life. She turned back around and sank down to her knees, taking my hard cock into her mouth. I have had some good blow jobs in my life, but it was almost like she knew exactly what I liked. That is something that you don’t find very often, but when you do, it’s like coming across a pot of gold underneath a rainbow. This may not sound like a chastity scene, but you’ll see what I mean.

She was doing such a good job at sucking my cock that I almost lost control, but it was like she sensed it and immediately pulled my cock out of her mouth. Then, she turned around and bent over. I knew that I was about to have the best sex ever and decided I was going to take control of the situation. I ran my cock over her ass and gently started to push inside her. She was enjoying herself as well by the way she was pushing back against me. Male chastity was the furthest thing from my mind. Then, the weirdest thing happened that turned things completely upside down.

We were going at it pretty hard when I reached around her waist to play with her clit. That is when I found out that the thing that was pushing against me earlier was some kind of caged device. It turned out that she was wearing a chastity cage that had a G-string attached to it. Now, I wasn’t too sure about why a woman would be wearing a chastity cage at first. Then, I noticed that there was in fact something in that cage. I was a bit confused as to what I should do next.

Just because you’ve found a cock cage, you can’t just pull out and scream as you are running for the door after all. Besides, it felt really good and I didn’t really want to stop. So I kept pounding her ass and moved my hands back up to her tits. Of course, the secret was out and she knew that I wasn’t upset about finding out that she was a man in drag, so she took my hand and slid it back down to her chastity device. It was a bit odd for me to think that she had a cock in there, but I went along with it anyway.

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Even though there was a cock cage there, I even started to play with her, or should I say his balls, while I was fucking him from behind. Something inside me clicked and I knew then that this is the type of sexual encounter I had always wished for. He was moving back harder and harder against my throbbing cock as I started to pull and rub his balls. I really wanted to get his cock in my hands but that chastity cage was keeping it locked away pretty well. I could, however, slide my fingers in through the side and feel him pretty well.

I asked if he could take the cage off so that I could stroke his cock while we were fucking but he said no. He had to leave it on because his partner had the key for it. I found out later that his partner knew what kind of guy he was and had made him wear the chastity cage to prevent him from having sex with other guys. It didn’t seem to work the way his partner had hoped it would, but that was perfectly fine with me.

Right as I was about to reach my pleasure peak, he had turned around and pulled his skirt up to show me the cock cage that he was wearing. He wanted me to cum all over his cock and the cage. I’m not one to get into really kinky sex, but this seemed to heighten the sexual atmosphere around us so I agreed. He started to stroke my cock until I exploded hot cum all over his cock. It was one of the hottest things I had ever seen in my life and all I could think about was how happy I was for coming to that particular club on that night.

Once I was finished covering his cock he reached down and rubbed it in. I could see that he wanted out of the cage by the fact that his cock was getting hard inside it. Unfortunately, the chastity cage wasn’t allowing his cock any room to grow and, instead, was pushing back on it. All this did was turn me on even more than I already was and I wanted to take him from behind again. I turned him around and started probing against his ass with my cock again, that put a smile on his face.

While we were fucking again, I reached around and felt my cum on his caged cock. All I could think about was how hot it would be to lick all of that sweet cream off of him through that penis cage. It was the first time I had ever thought of having a hard cock in my mouth, or one that was in a cage for that matter. It seemed a bit odd for me to be thinking that way at firs,t but I was so into the moment that nothing was going to stop me.

That is when I pulled my cock out, slid down to my knees and forced him around to face me. I grabbed ahold of his caged cock and pushed my tongue in through the bars on the side. I was running my tongue all over the cage and his cock when he started to pull away. I looked up at him and asked what was wrong. Apparently wearing a male chastity device while your cock is trying to get hard can be quite painful. He told me that was the main reason his partner wanted him to wear something like this in the first place.

I told him I was sorry and I didn’t mean to cause him any pain, but this was the first time I had ever been with another man and I was a bit eager to find out what it was all about. He looked down and smiled at me placing a hand on my head. He slowly brought my mouth back to his cock and the cage that surrounded it. He told me not to be so eager and everything would be fine as he could manage to keep from getting rock hard at such a quick rate.

Once I had cleaned all of my cum off his cock and left his chastity device as clean as the day he put it on he kissed me and told me to wait a few minutes before coming out of the bathroom. Then, he left and walked back to the bar. I waited a few minutes, thinking about how hot it was that I had just had sex with a man in the bathroom, and followed as he had told me to. Once I came out I noticed that someone was sitting in my seat at the bar.

He glanced at me with the eyes of someone telling me not to say anything, so I just sat down and ordered a drink. I needed one after my first encounter with a man and a device. It turns out that the person sitting in my seat was his partner. I overheard them talking about how he had done so well with his chastity cage that it was time for it to come off tonight. I glanced over at him and saw him briefly wink in my direction. Then, they got up and walked out the door together. I have never seen him since then, but I often think of that night and how hot it was.

Since that night, I have frequented koalaswim.com and found some devices that looked like his. I even purchased a few and have been wearing them off and on for a few months now. I still go to the same bar in the hopes that he will show up and not be wearing his chastity cage so that he can teach me some more things about sex, but he never shows up. In fact, I don’t even know what his name was and that just brought the mysterious sexual encounter to an even higher erotic nature than I could have ever imagined possible. I will save myself for him in the hopes that one day we will meet again.

Male Chastity Pros and Cons

I have been into chastity for quite a few years now and have found that koalaswim.com has some of the best products available to suit my needs. While I have tried numerous other products over the years that I have been involved with this lifestyle, there are certain things that I like and certain things that I dislike about it. The things that I dislike are on a much shorter list than the things that I do like, but I feel that they are just as important when it comes to finding the right item.

I have found that any male chastity item that is made entirely out of leather brings about a whole range of issues that I prefer not to deal with. Thankfully, I have found some great metal options available from koalaswim.com that don’t give me any of these issues. The most important issue is that the leather tends to tighten up and begin to smell a bit when I sweat. Nothing can ruin a special moment in the bedroom than pulling down your pants and having that smell of rotting leather permeate the air around you from your leather chastity device.

I have also found that the leather devices are a bit more difficult to get on and off, especially when you are in a hurry. Imagine taking your cock cage device off and having it pulling on the skin of your cock in the process. They will also pull on it when you are putting it on unless you get a larger sized chastity device. Now, koalaswim.com has plenty of different sizes that you can choose from, but you need to make sure you don’t get one that is too big for your cock.

One of the things that I highly enjoy about the penis cage devices that I have purchased from koalaswim.com is the fact that they control my urge to get an erection. I have been known to get hard when the wind is blowing in the right direction and these cages offer a great way of stopping that from happening. The pressure that builds up within the chastity cage is perfect for telling my body to stop the flow of blood to my cock so that it doesn’t get hard. But there is much more involved than just stopping an erection from happening.
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While these cock cage devices from koalaswim.com have both pros and cons to them, there are a few things that I would like to change personally. I have found that the key to the lock on the cage is usually too small to handle. When you are in a hurry to release the monster from its cage, you will usually end up dropping the key a few times. Of course, you can purchase a different lock for your chastity cage like I have done. Just imagine trying to put a condom on with a hammer and toothpick in a darkened room at midnight and you will understand how frustrating that small key can be.

I know that there are a lot of guys out there reading about cock cage devices for the first time to see if they would like to try one out. The first thing I will tell you is that you should purchase your device from koalaswim.com rather than anywhere else. They really take pride in making sure that you are getting the best possible chastity device that you’ll find anywhere. It makes me happy to know that someone else takes chastity devices as seriously as I do.

For anyone that is hoping to own their very first chastity device, there are some things that you are going to want to remember. Once you put one of these devices on, it is meant to stay on for as long as possible. You aren’t going to get anything out of using it if you take it off an hour later, unless, of course, you are using your chastity device during some kind of bondage or submission play with your partner. Then, you will feel the effects of the device almost immediately.

Another thing you should be aware of is that it is extremely difficult to wear one of these under your clothing the first time. Actually, it’s easy to wear a chastity device under your clothing, but rather a pain in the ass to walk without letting everyone know that you have your cock stuck in a vice. Koalaswim.com has some pretty good options available for people that wear one of these chastity cages on a daily basis, but you are still going to need to get used to it if you are planning on going out in public with it on.

For you to fully understand what it is like to wear a male chastity cage for the first time under your clothing, simply take a plastic cup and put it in your pants over your cock. Now, this isn’t going to mimic what koalaswim.com has to offer you by any stretch of the imagination, but if you try to walk normally with a cup over your cock you will see how difficult it is to do so with a chastity device attached. You won’t be able to walk normally because you are going to be conscious of the fact that it’s there, and so will everyone around you.

Wear your device from koalaswim.com for a few hours a day until you are comfortable with the way it feels and you can forget you have it on. Then, try to go out in public with it on for a few hours and walk around. If you can manage to walk around for a few hours without thinking about the fact that you are wearing a chastity device, then you could probably pull it off at work all day long if you wanted to. Just remember to bring the key with you in case you need to take it off.

I remember the first time I had my first metal cock cage from koalaswim.com on during work and forgot my key to it. Needless to say, I was chaffed fairly severely in a few places, and I had to take extra time in the mens room to make sure I got all the urine off of it when I had to pee. Nothing is more exciting than trying to pee through a small hole in a metal chastity cage for men and not trying to get it everywhere.

Taking your key with you when you are wearing your cage is a good idea unless you are really begging for torture. Every device on the market is made to be released if you need it to; even the ones from koalaswim.com have ways of getting uncomfortable at times. You need to make sure that you can take your chastity device off when it becomes necessary or you could be in a world of pain before you know it. Just imagine what it’s like to sit on a plane for fifteen hours wearing a metal cage around your cock and you will fully understand the need to keep your key with you.

Just so you know, that plane thing happened to me when I had to fly to Japan for a business meeting. I spent fifteen hours on the plane with my cock stuck in my device from koalswim.com because I had packed my key in the luggage that I checked in. If the airlines would have lost my luggage, I probably would have found a hardware store in order to cut the lock on my chastity cage so that I could get my cock out and rub some lotion on it to make it feel better.

The sweating alone caused me to get a rash, and it was very awkward trying to walk out of the airport in my chastity cage because I was trying not to rub my cock against it any more than absolutely necessary. Koalaswim.com has great male chastity cages available, but nothing can stand up to fifteen hours of sweating in a metal sheath covering your cock while riding on an airplane. This is just something you should think about if you are planning on wearing your cage while on a trip somewhere.

Now, I have had some pretty good moments while wearing my chastity cage from koalaswim.com as well. I don’t want you to think that everything that has happened to me has been bad. In fact, I found my last partner in the bathroom of a club I frequent because I was wearing a penis cage at the urinal. He came in after me and took the stall next to me. That is when he glanced over as I was trying to get my cage clean and noticed that I was wearing something he had never seen before.

Of course, there was a look of surprise on his face since it was the first ever chastity cage he had ever witnessed. I told him I had purchased it from koalaswim.com and that I had a dozen or so different ones that I liked to wear. That of course led to him asking if he could come over sometime and see the other ones. Now, I am not saying that my chastity device is what landed that particular partner, but I know that it helped immensely that my cock was stuck in a metal cage.

There are times when other guys become so curious about what I am wearing that having a chastity cage from koalswim.com has gotten me quite a few phone numbers and my share of sexual encounters. I could have gotten them without the cage, but I am glad that I had something like a cock cage to break the ice and get the conversation started. It’s kind of nice to not have to worry about how to open a conversation for the first time with a stranger when they do it because they have seen my cage and my cock in it.

That is probably one of the best reasons I have for purchasing a chastity device from koalaswim.com. The fact that I don’t have to start a conversation with a man that I am really attracted to is absolutely perfect. I hate trying to get a guy’s attention, and being able to show off my cock cage just makes things so much easier. In fact, I have been known to strip down naked at parties and show everyone there my cock and cage just so I don’t have to think of a way to do it later on.

If you are looking for something that could turn your sexual life on its head from time to time, then there is nothing better than purchasing a chastity cage from koalaswim.com. I have used their cages faithfully for a few years now and have found that out of all the other online stores, they are the best ones in the business. You just can’t find the level of quality for chastity devices on the market today like koalaswim.com has. That doesn’t mean you can’t purchase something from someone else, but if you want the best, then you need to shop with the best.

Once you put your first chastity device on, you are going to instantly know that you have chosen the right sexual aid for you. There is nothing better than the feeling of having a penis cage device wrapped around your cock along with the fact that you cannot get hard once it’s locked on. You can try, of course, but you won’t be able to break that chastity cage with just the blood flowing through your hardening cock. You will find that your sexual encounters are going to increase in pleasure once you are able to take it off as well, and that is the whole reason to have a fetish with male chastity devices in the first place. Just ask any other man that’s a part of this lifestyle and see what they tell you.

Male Chastity Entertainment

I have been wearing cock cage devices for a few years now, ever since my Mistress decided I needed to be more faithful to her and her demands. She has allowed me to write about the entertainment value that she gets from me wearing a chastity device and so I am bound to please her by regaling you with what I am supposed to do on a daily basis and how she becomes entertained by those actions. Since my Mistress demands obedience, it is my privilege to help you understand why she demands that I wear these devices.

My Mistress has demanded that I do a lot of things since I have been in her service. I have worn a dog collar and cleaned her entire house on my hands and knees. This entertained her for a very long time but she has moved on to other forms of sexual entertainment for me and I must move along with her or I get punished. Recently she has decided that I needed to wear cock cage devices while I am in her service. Thankfully, she allowed me to go to koalaswim.com to purchase my device so that I could make sure it would be comfortable.

It’s a good thing that my Mistress allows me to pick out some things on my own. When I am obedient, I can receive rewards, and one of those was the chance to pick out my first chastity device. I decided to go with one that I knew she would like to see me in. The Caged and Cuffed device allows me to remain as limp as possible and experience pain whenever I get an erection before I am allowed to. She was very thrilled that I picked this particular device out for her.

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When my device came in the mail, my Mistress called me out of my room and told me to go get it and put it on. I was allowed to crawl out to the mailbox and retrieve my device with my mouth. My Mistress watched me from the doorway to make sure that I didn’t run off or screw things up. I knew I was doing well when I reached the doorway and she patted me on the head. Then, I went back into my room and opened the box.

Once I got the device from koalaswim.com out of the box, I found it very simple to put on. When I had it on, I was told to come out into the living room and show my Mistress what I look like while wearing it. I crawled out to the living room and waited patiently for my Mistress to finish reading the article in her magazine. After she was done, she came over and told me to stand up. She looked my device over and decided it would be beneficial to the entertainment I could give to her throughout the day and night.

After she was through examining it thoroughly, she decided to see how long it would take me to feel the pain of having an erection prevented. She grabbed my male chastity device and pulled me over to the sofa. Next, she pulled up her skirt and started rubbing my cock against her clit. It was all I could do to not get an erection, but once I started to actually think about what was happening, I could feel the blood start to flow. Once my cock started to become engorged, I could feel a pain as the metal cuff stopped my erection in place.

I sat there for over thirty minutes while she used my cock cage device to stimulate herself and there was nothing I could do. While I do enjoy being able to entertain my Mistress, this was a bit beyond what I was used to doing. Usually, it involves me being humiliated and degraded to a certain extent, but this time I was being used as a masturbatory utility and all I could do was sit there and take it. It was like I was being replaced by a simple metal device that made my Mistress happier than I ever could.

Once she found the relief that she desperately sought with my chastity device, she called over some of her friends so that they could experience it for themselves. Normally, I have to wait on them hand and foot and be there for them no matter what they may want of me. This time, however, I had to lie on the sofa and let them perform all kinds of sexual gratifications with me and my device. All I could do was lay there and hope that they would orgasm quickly so that I could finally go back to my normal routine.

Now that I am wearing a men’s chastity device from koalaswim.com, I have found that my Mistress wants me to wear nothing but my device around the house. She also wants me to wear it when I am going out to prove to her that I belong with her and no one else. I have had plenty of Mistresses and Masters in my life, but she is the only one that has taken the time to groom me in the way that is needed. I will gladly do whatever my Mistress wants, and wearing a device makes her happy.

If you ever get the chance to wear a men’s chastity device on your own, I would highly suggest the one that I am currently wearing. It is a very comfortable device that will allow you to do whatever you would normally do during your day and no one will notice. Of course, my Mistress would continually reach down and make sure that mine was still in place. Every time she felt my device still locked on, she would smile and I would feel ecstatic because I knew that I was making her happy by wearing it.

I know that a lot of guys out there are wearing a chastity device because they choose to wear one. I also know that there are a lot of guys like me in this group that are wearing one in order to make another person happy. Whatever reason you may have for wearing one of these devices, you should still feel as comfortable as possible while doing it. When I am in my Mistresses home and walking around with nothing on but my cock cage device, I am as comfortable as I can be. You should feel the same way when wearing yours.

My Mistress prefers that I wear my penis cagedevice so that she can see it when we are at home. She knows that I am unable to get an erection and that gives her the right to tease me as much as possible. When she teases me, it shows her how faithful I am to her because I will not take the device off in order to relieve the pain and pressure that I am feeling while being stuck inside the cage I have on my cock. If I did take it off, then I would be severely punished for it.

Anyone that has ever had a Mistress before knows that punishment is much worse than wearing a simple chastity device. I have had my fair share of punishments, and I can tell you from firsthand experience that I would much rather wear a device like this from koalaswim.com than get another caning like I got the last time I disappointed my Mistress. Wearing my device is much more comfortable than when I was forced to stay in a small cage during my initial training process.

The funny thing is that I now find my day more complete when I am wearing my device. Every day that I wake up, I find that wearing my device actually completes me to a certain extent. I know that my Mistress is what is supposed to make me happy, but this device has taken something that I was in control of and let me forget about that control. Now I don’t have to think about anything except what my Mistress tells me I need to worry about. That is the beautiful thing about being submissive in nature; you don’t have to think about much of anything.

You have to understand that being a submissive means that you will gladly wear whatever chastity device that your Mistress, or Master, says you need to wear. If you argue with them about wearing something like this, then you are not a true submissive and you are missing out on all the good things that could be happening in your life. I find that wearing a device that helps keep me in check not only entertains my Mistress, but also keeps me entertained as well. It’s like a game to try and keep myself from getting an erection and feeling the pain.

Pain is something that a lot of cock cage devices can give you if you are wearing one and get an erection. Of course, there are some out there that won’t give you any pain at all but will still perform their job of stopping you from getting an erection. Those devices don’t seem to be what my Mistress wants me to wear, so I had to study all the devices on koalaswim.com to find the perfect one that would look good and still give me a decent amount of pain.

One of the best things about wearing the Cuffed and Caged penis cage device is that my Mistress has found a way of attaching a small leash to it so that she can lead me around in the house. Now I don’t have to wear my traditional collar with a leash attached. She can clip the leash onto my device and take me from room to room as she pleases, pulling on my cock to lead the way. I have come to highly enjoy this little game with her, and she enjoys it just as much.

There is nothing I wouldn’t do to make my Mistress happy and when she told me she wanted to try out some kind of male chastity device on me, I was more than pleased. I have worn a few of them before, but not for any real length of time. It wasn’t until I found the one I am currently wearing from koalaswim.com that I knew I would never purchase another device unless it was identical to this one. There are some things that you need to have a defined purpose for and this is one of mine. I couldn’t imagine wearing anything else around the house for my Mistress.

When you decide that you are going to wear a cock or anal device like this, you are making the decision based on your own needs. However, if you are a true submissive, you are told to wear it and you make the decision based on your Master’s or Mistress’s best interests. There is no denying that you are only allowed to be with whoever is in charge of you if you are willing to make them happy. Entertaining my Mistress is at the top of my list of things to do in my life, and I am happy to fulfill that list every day.

Take it from a proven submissive; entertaining your Mistress by wearing a cock cage is the best possible thing you can do. My Mistress has been so happy that I usually get an hour or two every day to do the things that I want to do for myself. She always has a smile on her face and I love the fact that I can be rewarded at the end of the day just because I am making her happy by wearing a male chastity device from koalaswim.com. You should really try one out sometime to see just how happy you can end up being.