Vibrating Panty 101 – Top Facts You Need to Know

Vibrating panty is one of the coolest additions to the world of contemporary adult toys. It’s an awesome thing to add more spice to your love life and take your sex game even a notch higher. Are you fond of sex toys and love to experiment with new goodies with your partner? Well, then make sure to check out a set of vibrating panty the next time you go out shopping for adult toys.

What is a vibrating panty?

As the name says, it’s a panty that stimulates your erogenous zones down under with the powerful buzz of a vibrator. Put simply, these are a bunch of sexy panties that come with a petite vibrator fitted snugly inside them. This vibrator is controlled by a remote control. After you wear the panty, all you will need to do is to turn it on and play around with the help of the controller. If you want to play solo, you can man the remote control yourself. Otherwise, if you are with a partner, you can just ask him to handle the controller and arouse you with sudden bouts of vibration every now and then.

Types of vibrating panties

The basic vibrating panty is a panty with a small inner pocket carrying the vibrator. Given the small size of the pocket, these panties mostly come with bullet or egg vibrators.

You will also find vibrating panties with customizable straps for the vibrator. If you are worried about the tiny vibrator shifting places inside the panty as you move- count on these vibrating panties. The adjustable straps here are specifically meant to keep the little buzzy friend directly against your clit. These panties will also save from the embarrassment of constantly adjusting the position of the vibe in a public place.

You also have C-string or thong vibrators these days. As the name says, these vibrators are worn with thongs. However, thong vibrators can’t offer the snug fit of a panty vibrator. You should only wear a thong vibrator if you are wearing a pantyhose or trouser.

Tips to buy a vibrating panty

You must be curious by now to check out a vibrating panty and enjoy the fun of orgasm in a public place. Here are some tips to follow while buying a vibrating panty.

  • Decide on the right type

As mentioned previously, there are two main types of vibrating panties- one that comes with pocket and another comes with straps. Decide which one would be more compatible for you before you actually head to shop. If you are worried about your vibrator shifting places as you move, go for the one with straps. But if you think the straps would be an added burden, a strapless vibrating panty would be just the thing for you.

  • Don’t go for generic sizes

If you are planning for strapless vibrating panties, be careful about the size. Don’t  go for one-size-fits-all options as they might not be able to assure the perfect fitment. Choose a one that perfectly fits your size and is neither loose nor too tight.

  • Do you want to change vibrator?

What if you feel that the vibrator that comes with your vibrating panty is not up to the mark for you? Well, in the case, you will have to change the vibrator bullet. But not all vibrating panties allow a different vibrator in their pockets. Thus, check beforehand whether or not your chosen vibrating panty is compatible with other vibrators as well.

  • Check the vibrator material

Be careful about the material of the vibrator used in your vibrator panty. Look for the ones made with ABS plastic or silicone.

  • Check the warranty and return policies

Your chosen vibrator panty should assure minimum 1 year of warranty both for the vibrator and the remote. Also, make sure the panty allows easy return in case you are not satisfied with the product.

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Vibrating panty challenge

Have you heard of the vibrating panty challenge? Cool couples all over are thoroughly enjoying the challenge and some of them have even filmed the experience to double the fun. You have articles and videos about it all over the internet today. Just type “vibrator panty challenge” on search engine and you will have links to all these videos. Some of these videos are pretty long, lasting for more than 10 minutes to get you a good hang of the fun.

So, what is a vibrator panty challenge? Well, first of all, you will need a wireless remote controlled vibrator panty here. Next, both of you (you and your partner) should engage in the fun.

As part of the challenge, the girl has to put on a vibrator panty and go out in public. You can take a stroll across your local park or even go out for your weekly shopping. The remote control would be in the hand of your partner. And he would buzz the control from time to time to surprise you with bouts of orgasm as per his wishes. The challenge is the girl has to keep a straight face and show no reaction even when there is a storm going on down under. Longer you can keep a straight face, better would be your score in the challenge.

The widespread popularity of Vibrator Panty Challenge has led to a series of funny videos on YouTube. It’s a tricky challenge no doubt but women taking up the challenge have immensely enjoyed the surprise bouts of orgasm. On the other hand, their partners too had a hilarious time watching their lady struggling hard to control their reactions.

However, not all Vibrator Panty Challenges ended up on a cool note. One of the couples was too adventurous to try it before (discreetly) before the boyfriend’s mother. And the girl ended up having an intense orgasm given the constant buzz on the remote control. The boyfriend’s mom, though, did not really approve of the entire game.

So, it’s fun to take up the Vibrator Panty Challenge. But be cautious about the place and people around. Your fun should not be the reason of botheration or disturbance of others.