Tinder Pick-up Lines That Actually Works

With the popularity and convenience of dating apps such as Tinder, it means that dating is easier now, right? Well, anyone who has used the app can tell you that’s not necessarily true. The struggle of finding other singles in your area is replaced by having to look through hundreds of profiles. At the same time you have to compete for attention with catchy Tinder openers when you finally do find someone you like. 

So how do you not only catch the attention of a potential new partner, but also keep it going long enough to get to that pivotal first date? Well, our dating coaches at Juicebox, a dating and sexual wellness app, have some tips for making a great first impression, from bios to the art of creating Tinder openers that gets a response.

Write More Than Hey or Hi

Messages like “hey” or “hi” are the Tinder openers that are the easiest to get overlooked when checking messages. They doesn’t say anything about who you are and put the burden on the other person to keep the conversation going. It may be enough to get them to take a look at your profile but to really get talking try some simple, but engaging lines.

  • “How’s your day” is a little over done and doesn’t guarantee you an answer more than “fine”. Try asking more specific questions, like: “Hey, have you seen any good movies lately?”
  • Start with an interesting fact, either about yourself or something you recently learned about. It starts the sharing process, and gives you a chance to flex your knowledge. 
  • Introduce yourself. It’s not exactly flashy but if done right, it may remind them why they liked you. Plus, sometimes polite and straightforward is the best approach.
  • Start with a question. People love to share things about themselves and it almost guarantees you at least one response back. Like “What would a perfect day look like for you?” This is also a great way push the conversation toward meeting in real life. 

Personalize Your Tinder Openers

It may sound obvious, but take the time to look at their pictures and read their bio. Try commenting on something unique you see. It doesn’t have to be some in-depth insight, but showing you put in some thought is a great start.

  • Mention how much you like an article of clothing or hairstyle rather than just telling them how hot they are. It comes off as more sincere and is more likely to spark a conversation.
  • Answer any questions they ask in their bio. If they give you an opener, take it!
  • Mention how cute their pet is if they have a picture of it. People are usually very proud of their fluffy friends.

Have a Good Bio

Since you’re checking out their bio, why not take a look at yours as well?  There’s no ‘perfect’ formula that’s guaranteed to get you matches. But there are some simple tricks to make sure you’re not scaring (or boring) away potential dates.

  • Keep it brief. Prioritize what information you include since no one wants to read a wall of text before they even start talking to you.
  • Include interests or hobbies that can be an instant conversation starter.
  • If you want to stay on the minimalistic side, one clever line that reflects your personality could be enough to get them interested.

If you want to be sure you have a polished bio that’s sure to catch some eyes, get your bio reviewed by the expert dating coaches on the Juicebox app, who can give you more personalized tips on your Tinder openers as well.

Show Your Personality

If you matched its safe to say they liked something they saw, so make sure you continue the strong first impression in your first line. These Tinder openers can range widely based on who you are, but remember to always be authentic. You may be tempted to try a suave persona in the beginning. Just know that eventually they’ll want to know the real you, so start off with your best, truest self.

If you’re a nerd, be proud!

  • A well placed quote or reference from your favorite movie or book series can work well, especially of you see signs they may be into it as well. Maybe reconsider more obscure lines; you don’t want to start out by confusing anyone.  

Or show off your funny side

  • Open with a joke or bit of observational humor as long as it’s not mean spirited.
  • Over the top cheesy pickup lines and puns are pretty hit-or-miss, but if you’re feeling it and willing to take a chance, why not try?

Take it Offline

It’s easy for a Tinder conversation to just kind of get forgotten between day to day activities, so sometimes the best move you can make is to get off the app and into your first in-person date. For making this transition, it’s best to be clear and simple; planning a get together is hard enough without worrying about being too charming while doing it.

  • Don’t be afraid to ask them out early. The worst they could say is no, and if you like them, why wait?
  • Having an event already in mind helps as well, so that instead of choosing something all they have to do is say yes!

Once you get the date, make sure you know what to talk about.

Finally, remember that in the end, messaging on Tinder is a numbers game. No matter how witty your Tinder opener or charming your bio, not everyone is looking for the same things. Don’t be afraid to send a lot of messages, and try different types of Tinder openers to see which works best for you.

If you feel like you’re not getting as many responses as you want, or even after you’ve met someone and want some advice on dating, the Juicebox app provides confidential, one-on-one dating and relationship advice for all stages of your relationship from various experts and counselors. Dating is never easy, but with a little help it doesn’t have to be painful.

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