• Please submit a press/media request at least two weeks prior to your actual appointment.
  • We may request you to submit a letter of assignment from your editor on the publication’s letterhead. If you are a freelancer or blogger, please include at least two recently published travel related articles. Just to know you are indeed legit.
  • The site’s staff may be able to provide background, interview opportunities, calendar of events, statistics or connect you with other PR representatives.
  • Where appropriate, the site’s media relations team may work with journalists to provide a customized itinerary.
  • The site does not pay for hotel accommodations for media or other journalists. We cannot be responsible nor guarantee accommodations.
  • The site’s priority is assisting working press.
  • The site cannot help with air travel and ground transportation to and from the airports in our immediate area unless otherwise specified.
  • The site cannot arrange or assist with obtaining work visas or filming permits for broadcasting media.

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