Kegel Exercise: The Love Your Vagina Deserves

Kegel has designed a set of simple exercises to strengthen these muscles for medical reasons: for natural births to be lighter, faster post-natal recovery, to prevent genital prolapse and to treat urinary incontinence. These exercises have proven to be not only useful for health but also beneficial to sex life. Worried about how to tell if vagina is tight, kegel workout will help you out.

How Kegel Works:

It strengthens and strengthens your pubic-coccidian muscle, which extends from the back of the bone to the pubic bone. It forms a hammock that supports the bladder, vagina, uterus and part of the rectum. The muscle fibers intertwine and surround the opening of the bladder (urethra), the opening of the vagina (vaginal opening) and the rectum (anus).

During orgasm, these muscles contracted rhythmically. The stronger they are, the more intense they feel. Also, during sexual intercourse you can also enhance your partner’s pleasure through the rhythmical contraction of your muscles.

How to Do Kegel Exercises:

When you go to the toilet, stop the flow in the urine for a few seconds to tighten up a few times. Try not to breathe: let the air circulate freely and concentrate on the contraction of the muscles around the vagina and the rectum.

But be careful that contracting the pelvic muscles during urination or when you have a full bladder leads in time to weakening them. This practice is useful until you get used to controlling your muscles. Then it is advisable to do exercises with bare bladder only.

Types of Kegel exercises:

The basic movement – keeps your pelvic muscles strapped for three seconds, and then let them relax for the other three. Repeat the movement 10 to 15 times.

Contractions – Quickly embed and release your pelvic muscles 10 times.

Fast Pulses – Tightens and relaxes pubo-coccigian muscles in a pulsating motion.

Impressions – Imagine that you force to urinate and push the air out of your vagina outward. Combine 5 impassions with 10 long shots and ten short shots, in which order you prefer.

How do you realize you practice them correctly?

First of all, if you feel the pubic-coccidian muscles are built by strangling the urethra and the anus, you are on the right track. Also, if your stomach, thighs or buttock muscles are strained, you still have to practice. You can ask your gynecologist for guidance.

When and where you can do the exercises:

You can do it anytime and anywhere! You can do them home, in the car or even in the office, because no one can figure it out. A series of Kegel exercises lasts about a minute and it’s ideal to make three series a day, combining a variety of muscle training exercises.

Forget all the exercises you have been planning to do lately and remind yourself of some of the most important muscles for a woman: the pelvic muscles. Specialists recommend them after the birth of a child and to improve sexual life and even to achieve orgasm.

Many of us spend a lot of money and spend hours on cosmetics or body massages to try to maintain beauty and youth. The truth is that we should give the same interest to our sexual organs, and these exercises bring us plenty of benefits throughout our lives.

Sexual Fitness!

What can you do if you start practicing these exercises? The benefits are numerous: the vagina is easier to lubricate, gets tighter, the number of orgasms increases and, most importantly, these exercises can help women who have never had orgasms to have one. Some use yoni eggs it is designed to enhance kegel exercises by adding weight and resistance. It varies from sizes, weight and materials.

Specialists say that women who “practice these muscles” can excite faster, may have natural births with a shorter duration of labor and will never suffer from urinary incontinence even after birth. One may even avoid a problem that was more common in the past: after difficult births, some women suffered from uterine prolapse, better said by the fall of the uterus and third-age women may be affected by this condition. Some women like to use jade eggs from to practice these muscles while doing their Kegel exercises.

For the best exercises, follow these tips:

It is good that you first and first hide your bladder. If you think you do not know where these muscles are, it is best to locate them by stopping the urinary flow. The muscles you used to do this are the ones you want to train!

Contract these muscles for two or three seconds, then relax. Do a conscious effort and do not strain your abdomen or posterior at this time, because you were fooling yourself!

To ease your “effort” (which does not compare with the exhausting aerobic exercise anyway), you can use the balls recommended by gynecologists after birth. You can find Duotone Ball at the online store, where it costs only 17 lei. These are two identical balls, linked together with a silk or nylon chain. These balls once inserted into the vagina will force him to contract to keep them in.

Repeat the contraction of the muscles four or five times, and try to do it two or three times a day.