Enjoy Erotic Threesome with Sex Toys

Erotic sets are a set of one or several vibrating massagers with various nozzles made of silicone or cyber silicone, vaginal or anal balls and special water-based lubricant. Or special sets for sexual or role-playing games. To know more about how to use sex toys for couples you can follow this article.

If you already have experience in dealing with products of the sex industry or you do not want to limit yourself to erotic sensations, then acquiring a set is the best that can be offered. With the help of plastic vibrators, you can examine your body and find the points of sensual arousal (erogenous zones).

The completeness of using erotic set completely depends on your imagination:

  • Vaginal, clitoral, anal stimulation.
  • Soft nozzles with mustache to enhance attraction.
  • Rings that increase erection.
  • Vaginal balls for enjoyment.

More information about the appointment of vibrators, nozzles, rings, balls and lubricants can be found in the relevant sections of the product catalog. Erotic sets are new sensations, a sweet orgasm and a strong attraction – in short, all the unknown joys of him and her!

How to use strap-on

Strap-on and shorts harness is a brilliant development of the sex industry, which couples, single girls, young boys and couples who hold original sexual views equally use in their intimate life.

Before you start using the falloprotezis, you need to pick it up correctly. It must meet both your needs and the wishes of your partner. Outwardly, they look extremely diverse, but the functionality is divided into five main types:

Strap-on for women: They do not have an internal cavity and are suitable as lesbian entertainment, and for playing with a man, suggesting a change of sexual roles.

Strap-on for men: These toys allow the representatives of the male article to feel like real giants of sexual intimacy, using their member and dildo at the same time.

Falloprostheses for men: Suitable for those who suffer from impotence. Their design allows you to put the penis inside a special cavity.

Strap-on with anal plug: These devices are suitable for both men who are not afraid of experiments, and sophisticated women.

Roll-free strap-on: Only a woman can wear this sex toy, because the special attachment of the appendix is ??placed inside the vagina and allows the girl to become active without additional fastenings and straps.

Seven tips for using strap-on

At first, the use of a strap-on or is quite awkward, and the use of this accessory requires certain skills. First you need to learn how to adjust the straps and fix the sex toy at the right level. It takes a little patience. At first, this may indeed seem a bit difficult. If the kit includes instructions on how to use the strap, then carefully read it and follow the recommendations. In any case, the device should be tightly fixed on the body, but it should not hold down movement. Too strong fixation can cause discomfort and harm health in the form of scuff marks or bruises on the body.

Every time you use a strapon, remember to water it with a lubricant. Both the accessory and the intimate partner area require high-quality lubricant. Try experimenting with lubricants, and ultimately you will find the perfect option for intimate games with falloprotezi.

For more hygienic use of toys, we recommend using a condom. You have a question – how to use a strap-on with a condom. Everything is very simple, pick up a condom of a suitable size for tight fit of the phallus trunk and then you will not need lubrication and additional cleaning of the device.

Initially, a partner who uses a sex toy should abandon abrupt movements of the hips. Strap-on should go smoothly, in any case not piercing the body of a lover. The most suitable for this is the introduction of a strap-on back in a dog-like position.

Fun it allows you to free your hands to an active partner. This is definitely worth using. Your intimate relationships will become more exciting and diverse.

If a man is an active partner using a strapon, he can inject him into the body of a lover or mistress in turn, changing with his penis.

In sexual games, where the man is the dominant partner, and his partner is a girl, you can use the toy for double penetration, entering the vagina as a member, and the sex toy in the anus or vice versa.

In a brief tour it is not possible to reflect all the subtleties of the question. But we tried to touch on all the important instructions and hope that we answered your questions how to use strap-on. Now it is necessary to touch on another important topic: keeping a sex toy in working condition for a long time. Focus on our care tips. Performing them you guarantee yourself a long-lasting and high-quality pleasure.